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E-commerce or electronic commerce, a subset of ebusiness, is the purchasing, selling, and exchanging of goods and services over computer networks (such as the Internet) through which transactions or terms of sale are performed electronically. Contrary to popular belief, e-commerce is not just on the Web.

In fact, e-commerce was alive and well in business to business transactions before the Web back in the 70s via EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) through VANs (Value-Added Networks). E-commerce can be broken into four main categories: B2B, B2C, C2B, and C2C. Are You Sure You're Posting Enough, And In The Proper Mix? A recent slump of mine was found to be caused by a rather simple change in my business activities. In an effort to ensure my family life did not suffer, I stopped working weekends, which meant fewer postings over the weekends, which meant a lower level of listings overall. Once I noted this, I was able to arrange for scheduled listings to be posted thru the weekends (I love my automation!!), restoring my overall listing levels... and my sales returned to more acceptable levels.

If it's not listed, they can't buy it... or know that you are selling!

The point is, yes, the burden of implementing tax-calculating software will initially be painstaking and costly for online companies. But in the long run, e-retailers of all stripes will, by the nature of business, find new ways to compete. Daily deal sites like ours have a formula that allows us to effectively compete with the megasites like Amazon, eBay and others. If we can take on these well-known names and succeed, surely all e-retailers can find ways to remain competitive-even in an era when sales tax collection becomes mandatory.

Despite the fact that the web looked a lot then like it does now, there were several factors that inhibited the growth of the online business at this time. For one thing, many people still didn't have high speed Internet in their homes so online shopping tended to be limited to what could be done in the workplace. Additionally, many small businesses invested too much money in creating a web presence and they weren't able to sustain that development due to lack of funds. At the turn of the twenty first century, the dot-com bust happened and many of these businesses went broke.

Assuming sales stats are to your liking, at this point we would decide to select a product and start selling. But Terapeak doesn't stop there.

Terapeak is also going to give us the inside information we need to optimize our eBay listings.
This means SEO. The same way that Google has certain things they look for in sites that rank on page one of search. eBay is also a search algorithm and certain types of listings will rise higher in searches than others.

Understanding this will help you get your items to page one of eBay. In the next section we'll talk more about this.

Nevertheless, telemedicine and online pharmacies businesses in India must comply with existing techno legal laws of India. But this is not happening as on date and many e-commerce portals have been facing heat of law enforcement agencies of India. For instance, Maharashtra's FDA has already ordered filing of FIRs against Snapdeal, its CEO Kunal Bahl, directors and distributors for online sale of prescription drugs. Similarly the Indian government has just clarified about the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in e-commerce sector of India so that foreign exchange related violations can be better tackled. The Delhi High Court has already ordered the government to investigate 21 e-commerce websites for possible violations of foreign direct investment (FDI) laws. But as on date the techno legal compliances for e-commerce industry in India are not complied with by a dominant majority of e-commerce businesses.